Surface Modelling Add-on for AutoCAD

EZYSurf is available for download. Tutorials are included in the fully working 100 point limited DEMO. This DEMO is only available for testing and evaluation and the user license should be read before use. The DEMO will produce a maximum of 100 TIN's or TRN's and will leave spaces in the remaining areas. The same will happen with the contouring, with spaces left in the DTM. Rather than fiddle with the LISP code or piece together a large DTM it would be simpler to purchase the full version. Click here to download the DEMO Zip file approx. 500kB.

The Full Manual can be downloaded in webpage file format for ease of use without connecting to the internet. Click here to download the manual zip file approx. 600kB.

Orders for EZYSurf may be processed manually if preferred. Download a printable version of the order form to complete and return for manual processing. Click here to download a text file order form to email or fax for purchase of the Full Version.