EZYSurf is an AutoCAD Add-on program that can be used by engineers, geologists and surveyors to create 3D models within AutoCAD without the need to purchase expensive DTM packages. DTM models, sections, volumes and cut batters can be easily produced. Features that set EZYSurf apart from the other expensive DTM sortware include:

    - Fast generation of TIN, TRN, Contours and Enhanced Contours from within AutoCAD.
    - Partial menu load to retain existing user Bonus Tools and pull down menus.
    - Excellent for 3D color presentations.
    - Also includes basic road design modelling package.

    For only $55, the software is priced to allow everyone in the office to own a copy of the software. EZYSurf will pay for itself in less than a week.

    A Full Manual and Tutorials are included and a fully working 100 point limited DEMO is available for testing and evaluation.